Complaints Management Software

A Commitment to Customers

Recording, tracking and resolving the causes of customer complaints is a critical part of any organisation’s quality management process. Whenever a customer hands you a complaint, he's also handing you an opportunity to create a stronger and more profitable relationship with him. That's because complaints that are handled properly can be converted into increased loyalty and more business.

Business Drivers
  • I want to effectively deal with customer concerns or complaints
  • I need to have comprehensive complaints history
  • I need to ensure consistency of customer interaction
  • I want to track trends in customer issues

IsoTracker provides a centralised and easy-to-use interface for recording and tracking complaints from any location whether from your desk while responding to a customer’s call or out in the field with the customer. Complaints can be entered by any user and then routed to qualified complaints administrators who will then assign them based on the complaint’s type and product.

Complaints may be routed for investigation to a number of users such as a manufacturing site where specific analysis will be performed and replies made within a specific delay. Complaints may also be routed for corrective action and preventive action at any stage of the process. A complete history of a complaint is available throughout the complaint handling process and after is has been closed.


Recording Complaints

  • Provides an easy and methodical method of online recording and tracking customer concerns and complaints.
  • Each complaint’s history is easily accessible and provides a completely up-to-the-minute status of how a complaint is progressing through your organisation and what actions have been taken, if any.
  • Complaints can be recorded by any user but are reviewed by a Complaints Administrator before being accepted into the complaints workflow.
  • Links into Document Control and allows you to attach key documents to the complaint.


  • Assign a severity level to the complaint and then choose to either inform other users of the complaint or get them to conduct failure investigation and identify the root cause.
  • The responses to the investigation are interactive and the Complaints Administrator can restart an investigation if the results are felt to be insufficient.
  • Record all investigation results, root cause analysis and recommended actions.

Corrective Actions, Preventive Actions and Escalation

  • Assign corrective actions and preventive actions responsibility at any time throughout a complaint’s progress. Repeat the corrective action or preventive action if the results or proof of implementation are unsatisfactory.
  • Once a CAPA request is initiated, the case remains open until the required action is completed and results are checked for effectiveness.
  • Automatically escalates the complaint if a response to an event has not been received within a pre-assigned due date.

Notifications and Reports

  • Pre-save email templates for every workflow stage in a complaint’s process. Quickly inform customers of progress at each stage by using the relevant pre-saved template which can easily be modified with pertinent information.
  • Supports an effective messaging system using in-built task notifications and by emails to employees when they have tasks that need to be actioned.
  • Extract historical complaints and spot trends and common origins of complaints in order to ensure timely preventive actions.
  • Report on and analyse the complaint resolution process, including CAPA, and identify areas of improvement.


An effective customer complaints handling system is essential to any business. In our competitive world it is no longer a differentiator to have one. In fact you must now demonstrate that not only you have one but also that you actively use it as part of a commitment to a top class customer service

Happy Customers means More Business

  • An efficiently handled complaint can bring a positive response from a customer and becomes a key selling point.
  • Improved service delivery means higher levels of confidence and repeat business.
  • An improved reputation creates a snowball effect throughout the organisation and affects positively the culture and its methods of dealing with the outside world which shows up as reduced costs of doing business and in an improved bottom line.

Maintaining Customers

  • Less time and money spent attracting new customers as efficiently handled complaints will build greater customer loyalty.
  • Gain more customers through word of mouth advertising from satisfied customers
  • Unhappy customers not only buy less but also provide negative feedback to potential new leads making the task of simply maintaining the current level of sales very difficult

More Efficient Operations

  • Complaints may reveal underlying business problems that otherwise would have remained hidden and allowed to grow in severity
  • Fewer mistakes means less time and money spent fixing them which leads to an improved bottom line.


Q. How can I be sure that a complaint is not forgotten?

Each complaint is listed on the relevant persons’ Action Requiredlist from the moment they have a role in the complaint and stays there until the complaint is closed. This is supported by notifications within isoTracker and by email to the concerned individuals of their specific task responsibilities. The task notifications are then removed once the task has been completed.

Q. How can I categorise a customer complaint?

When a complaint is registered it is categorised by customer, by product, by complaint type, by severity, by time and by person recording the complaint. The complaints can then be searched and listed on any combination of these categories.

Q. Can I automatically send an email apology?

Yes. Email templates can be pre-specified for each stage of a complaint’s life. So when a certain stage has been reached email templates for that stage are displayed and when selected can be modified and sent to the complainant’s registered email address.

Q. Can key documents relating to a process or to a customer be attached to a complaint?

Yes. Once the complaint has been recorded a key document regarding the complaint or the customer can be selected from the Document Management and Control module as well as from an external source. So when the complaint is going through its various stages the relevant document is included in the complaint’s details and accessible by the concerned individuals when responding to specific requests.

Q. How can I ascertain that the right people are informed at the right stages in resolving a customer issue?

When a complaint goes through its various stages whether it be an Investigation, a Non-Conformance, a Corrective Action or a Preventive Action the relevant people are identified and informed of the complaint and of any tasks they may be required to perform. The tasks will have a due date associated to them and if that due date is exceeded the system will automatically issue reminders and escalate the issue to a higher level.

Q. Can a Complaint be escalated to senior management?

Yes. Senior management can be informed of each complaint, if that is the way you run your business, they can also be sent an escalation notification if the complaint has not been resolved within a specific time period.