About Lennox Hill and isoTracker Quality Management

Lennox Hill Ltd is a privately held UK company formed in 2004 by Christopher Stainow with the objective of providing time saving quality management software solutions that are only available over the Internet and that are competitively priced.

The first product, a Document Control module, was launched in late 2006 and very quickly achieved its first customer, the pathology department of a large UK hospital. This was followed by a Customer Complaints module in 2007, an Audits module in 2009, a Reports module in 2010 and a Competency Testing module in 2011. Lennox Hill has now increased its technical resources and plans to speed up the pace of upgrades to isoTracker and its constituent modules.

Lennox Hill’s customers range from small-to-medium sized enterprises, to large corporations and government organisations. They are spread across the world from Australia, Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, UK, Ireland and USA and are representative of a broad selection of industries ranging from healthcare, consumer products, manufacturing, aerospace, mining, oil & gas, design, consulting and non-profit.

The company is based in West London, has a technical team in Madurai, India and a web marketing team in Cape Town, South Africa.

Lennox Hill is dedicated to:

  • The security of our customer’s information
  • Keeping to the principle of simple to use
  • Maintaining the competitive pricing of our products
  • Listening and reacting to our customer’s needs
  • Partnering with organisations who complement our offering