Audit Management Software


Internal Audits are an essential part of any compliance system such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. They help to identify areas of improvement and need to be performed regularly.


In addition to creating and running Internal Audits, the isoTracker Audit Management system can also be used to run Supplier, Process, Product and Third Party Audits. Audits are created by reviewing past audit reports which include any Non-Conformances and their respective CAPA resolutions. Audit are created and scheduled, auditors identified, suppliers selected and auditees chosen with evidential documents attached.


Checklists can be created, selected from a saved list or added on the fly as the audit is being run. Once created an Audit’s checklist can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet and either printed or saved on the desktop from where results can be recorded on-site at the point of need and then transferred or uploaded into isoTracker at a later date.


Once the Audit Checklist is completed isoTracker audit management software moves to the resolution and closure mode. If there are any issues raised by the Audit at this stage Non-Conformances can be registered, their Root Causes identified and then corrected or prevented using the built in CAPA features. The CAPA features are effectively a means of assigning a task to a user, requesting a reply by a certain date and time and referring to a specific Non-Conformance. When CAPA tasks are not completed by the required time then reminder emails are sent and the issue can also be escalated to a higher level.


When all the issues are resolved and completed then an Audit opinion is selected, the Audit Report is prepared and the Audit is closed. If it was determined at the scheduling stage that this Audit was a Recurring Audit then the next recurrence is immediately created and scheduled.


  • Access all Audit results centrally and easily demonstrate compliance
  • Schedule and run Internal, Process, Supplier, Product and 3rd party Audits to meet the requirements of various compliance systems
  • Extract relevant Audit information and Run Audit offline. Then import results easily and move on to the resolution process, if required, online
  • Identify improvements across the organisation as well as with external stakeholders
  • Report on positive Audit results as well as the resolutions process of identified issues

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Create, Identify and Schedule Audits

  • Create an Internal, Process, Product, Supplier or 3rd Party Audit. Enter key details, select the Auditor and identify the scoring method whether Pass/Fail or a customisable Grading system
  • Alternatively, reuse an Audit template used in a prior Audit
  • Select Supplier, Process or Product that is being audited from a pre-created list. For an Internal Audit identify an internal staff member responsible for the area being audited
  • Schedule date and time for the Audit event, select a pre-notification period for the stakeholders and determine whether it should be a recurring audit and, if so, select from a list of recurrence intervals
  • Attach supporting documentation

Construct or Reuse Saved Checklist

  • Bring-up prior Audits, narrow down to the relevant list and analyse the results of each before constructing a checklist
  • Create a checklist from scratch to reflect the issues identified with the prior relevant Audits or reuse a checklist from a prior Audit
  • Alternatively, select from a list of saved checklists to ensure standardisation of audit process across the organisation
  • Edit any checklist questions to reflect changes, delete questions no longer required and reorder questions to reflect updated priorities
  • Or just wait and create checklist questions on the fly when running the Audit

Running the Audit

  • Identify an Audit pass score, if relevant, before starting the process of running the Audit
  • Select the answer for each question from a drop down list with either Pass/Fail or Graded answers. Enter comments to justify failure or low score
  • If the requirement is to run the Audit offline, then extract and save the checklist as an Excel spreadsheet on the desktop or print it out. Enter the Audit results offline and then either upload the completed checklist or transfer data manually
  • An Audit is completed only when all the questions have been answered and the required comments provided

Resolve issues using CAPA features

  • Identify failed questions or those graded with an unsatisfactory score and assign one or more Non-Conformance and/or Root Cause to the matter
  • Use the CAPA features to correct the issue and/or prevent the potential Non-Conformance from occurring
  • Only close a CAPA request once assigned tasks have been completed and clear evidence provided of the implementation
  • Automatically Escalate up the management chain if CAPA tasks are not getting resolved in a timely fashion

Close and Report

  • Automatic reminder of incomplete CAPA tasks at the beginning of audit closure process
  • Close the Audit by selecting an Opinion from a customisable list and record the Audit Report
  • If required solicit feedback on the Audit process and results from one or more of the Auditees
  • Report and analyse Audit results, including CAPA, and determine areas of improvement

Try our Audit Management Software now with a 60 day free trial.


Auditors differ about the role of audits. Some believe that the process is too cumbersome, while others want audits to show improvement over time. The isoTracker Audits Management software facilitates the performance of the audits process and enables the analysis of performance changes over time.

Maintain Standards

  • Helps comply with the requirements of ISO 9001 and other compliance standards.
  • Build up a full history of audits and results. Demonstrate enforcement of consistent processes and procedures across the organisation.

Improve Audit Process

  • Makes the process of creating and scheduling of audits easy.
  • Run audits from any location with our centralised and reliable platform.
  • Complete process visibility with regular reminders of incomplete tasks.

Identify Areas for Improvement

  • Use either a Pass/Fail or a Graduated result scoring system which reflects the level of achievement against your standards.
  • Trend the Graduated audit results over time.
  • Set priorities for future audits by identifying areas of constant underachievement.

Create Consistency

  • Provide consistent and comparable information throughout the business.
  • Reuse saved checklists to ensure consistency of approach over time.

Try our Audit Management Software now with a 60 day free trial.