Complaints Management Software


What differentiates a great company from a good one is the way it handles, manages, responds to, and reports customer complaints. The isoTracker Complaints Management software solution is a comprehensive solution for recording and managing complaints from customers and other important stakeholders. It enables organisations to track each complaint from recording and acceptance to investigation, reporting, resolution and closure - following the appropriate workflow process to ensure that nothing is left out.


The analytics and reporting capability of the Complaints Management System, helps Complaint Managers to identify trends and spot recurring problems thereby speeding up the Root Cause analysis process. Complaint Managers can also generate Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) requests to any user on the system whether it be an employee or a supplier who is provided access. Using the isoTracker complaint management software solution a well managed complaints process will convert into increased customer loyalty and more business, it also drives continuous improvement.


  • Record Complaints centrally and hold all subsequent information and documentation pertaining to the investigation and correction of the problem.
  • Identify Non-Conformance and Root Cause and route complaint for investigation
  • Issue Corrective Action and Preventive Action requests. Close the CAPA requests when satisfied with the action taken
  • Send automatic email task notifications with regular reminders and escalate if due dates are exceeded
  • Provide up-to-date analysis on key complaint and CAPA performance metrics

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Record, Review and Accept Complaints

  • Record complaints online in response to a customer call or from a customer’s office. Use as well to record complaints from employees or other stakeholders
  • Capture various details about the complaint such as immediate action taken, severity, risk, required payments and other user assigned fields
  • Review and compare with prior complaints of similar criteria. Look for trends
  • Reject or Accept into the complaint workflow process after a complete review and assign to relevant user

Investigate, Determine Non-Conformance and Identify Root Cause

  • Assign investigative responsibility to an individual or divide investigative responsibility between multiple individuals
  • Identify Non-Conformance and initiate remedial action to contain the impact of the complaint
  • Conduct failure investigation to identify root cause
  • Keep senior management informed of any major issues

Issue Corrective Action and Preventive Action requests

  • Assign CAPA responsibility to an individual or a group of individuals with specific due dates. Attach evidential documents
  • Once a CAPA request is initiated, the case remains open until the required action is completed and results are checked for effectiveness
  • Automatically send reminders when CAPA requests have missed their due dates and Escalate to supervisor level

Involve stakeholders in the complaints workflow

  • Send regular updates to the customer or other complainant based on configurable email templates
  • Maintain contact with key customer sales contact through regular status updates
  • Keep senior management informed of any major issues
  • Assign complaint review and closure to independent party such as a Director or CEO

Solicit Feedback from Complainant

  • Once complaint is closed automatically send email to complainant soliciting feedback on the complaint resolution process
  • Provide complainant with complete visibility of the relevant complaint’s investigation and resolution process with space that they can provide feedback on the process and the results

Reports and Metrics

  • Extract historical complaints and spot trends and common origins of complaints in order ensure timely preventive actions.
  • Report and analyse complaint resolution, including CAPA, process and identify areas of improvement

Try our Complaint Management Software with a 60 day free trial.


Make Complaints an Improvement Opportunity

  • Capture customer complaints, internal issues or non-conformances from any location
  • Involve and task internal staff in the complaint resolution process
  • Investigate the issue, identify non-conformance and root cause, correct using the CAPA functions and then get feedback from the complainant on their satisfaction level

Improve Efficiency

  • Reduce response time by submitting information and interacting online to resolve the issue
  • Flexible and customisable system that meets the requirements of any organisation in any industry
  • Workflow based system with regular reminders to help keep resolution process on track

Happy Customers means more Business

  • Quickly identify key factors and resolve issues at the root
  • Keep the customer informed of progress through regular updates
  • Efficient system with built-in CAPA action management tools, root cause analysis and effectiveness review features

Customisable, Quick to Implement and Easy to Use

  • Easy to use flexible workflow based system
  • Ready to use straight out of the box

Try our Complaint Management Software with a 60 day free trial.