Document Control System


Document control is essential to an efficient quality management or compliance system. In growing organisations a manual and paper-based process for managing policies and control documents takes too much time, is costly to operate and potentially prone to mistakes. With an increasing amount of documents such as a quality manual, procedures, project plans, industry codes-of-practice, compliance records or regulatory filings, customer specifications and drawings, an effective document control software system provides a framework for efficient revision control of these important documents and creates a secure structure where access can be restricted and data protected through encryption and regular back-ups.


The isoTracker Document Control system permits organisations to follow an automated approach to document control throughout the business. As an online web-based system it provides a central repository to store and organise documents. Integrated workflow tools are used to upload, review, approve, check-out, modify and access documents from any location around the world in a controlled way. Automatic email notifications ensure that tasks are communicated instantly. Integrated analytics and reports provide information on each document from birth until superseded by the next version and complete transparency into the system.

  • Store important documents centrally, protect them through encryption and access them in a controlled way
  • Speed up the review and approval workflow processes with documents moving from one step to the next automatically
  • Restrict access to documents on the basis of functional, geographic or need to know basis
  • Provide up-to-date data on document status with performance metrics
  • Reduce compliance costs with electronic signatures, revision control and audit trails
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Upload, Search & View Documents Online

  • Upload individually or in bulk an unlimited number of documents to a central online store
  • Easily search using keywords and document classifications
  • View documents online from any office or location across the world

Full Document Activity History

  • Complete version control. Only view the latest version
  • Track and record all review and revision activity, approval activity and change requests for all documents
  • Record the employee performing the activity and the date and time of that activity

Automate Workflow

  • Create workflow rules based on Document Types
  • Assign sequential or non-sequential approval process rules
  • Option to schedule delayed publishing after approval
  • Option to schedule automatic future document review reminder
  • Workflow rules automatically moves document to the next step

Archive Historical Document

  • Automatically archive old versions of documents
  • Maintain a historical record of all document related data for internal and external audits

Document Security Control

  • All documents encrypted on server and also in transit over Internet connection
  • Daily back-ups to servers in different geographical location
  • Restrictive access to documents through permission based settings which can be based on groups, departments, locations or other

Automatic Task Notifications and Record of Incomplete Tasks

  • Ensure tasks are completed on time with automated email notifications
  • Record any outstanding tasks identified by employee, document and tasks

Try our Document Control Software for yourself now, with a 60 day free trial!


Fast and Easy Implementation

  • Set your system up within minutes
  • We will, of course, help you but you can easily do it without us

A Central Office with Improved Efficiency

  • Store all your documents in one secure location with encryption and daily back-ups
  • Access documents consistently anywhere in the world
  • Follow consistent workflow processes throughout your organisation

Speed Up Approval

  • Automate document review and approval
  • Task based email notification to each identified approver
  • Quickly track down and chase up outstanding reviews and approvals

Up To Date Documents

  • Ensure that the most up-to-date approved versions are used across the organisation
  • Easily archive older versions of documents and restrict access to approved staff members

Achieve Compliance

  • Effortlessly comply with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

Try our Document Control Software for yourself now, with a 60 day free trial!